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We are working with the best local Seattle vendors to make our curated gift bundles possible. To learn more about the local businesses we are supporting, please visit our local vendors page. If you would like to stay up to date with our bundle development, follow along on our Instagram!

Mother's Day Bundles

For a limited time only, our team has curated a set of unique gift bundles to help make mother's day a truly special occasion. Available this week only and while supplies last, order now and have your bundle delivered just in time for mother's day!

Premium Graduation Bundles

These bundles are perfect for commemorating the UW class of 2021! Each premium graduation bundle features a one-of-a-kind commemorative plaque made from quality pinewood and custom engraved with a name and department alongside the signatures of the most prominent and beloved professors at UW! These are simply as good as it gets for graduation gifts.

Graduation Bundles

Celebrate UW graduation with a DecorPie graduation bundle! Thoughtfully curated by our team of UW students, these bundles are the perfect way to remember and cherish the UW experience.

UW Gift Bundles

Looking for even more gift bundles that embody the UW experience? Check out this collection of curated bundles that are perfect for any occasion!